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These rules only exist for the purpose of making the Shelby Dodge Mailing List a little more enjoyable for everyone. The bottom line is to use common sense and be considerate of other people. Some of these rules are a little subjective but keep in mind the administrator has the interests of the list in mind and is the final arbitrator of these rules.

All members will be responsible for knowing the rules of this mailing list. Please take the time to review these rules carefully.

Violators of the mailing list rules are NOT given warnings. Know the rules before you post.

If you are "suspended," your access to post will be taken away for the duration of the suspension. During this time you are welcome to continue to be a subscribed member.

By subscribing to the SDML you understand that all posts are released into the Public Domain. This means that anyone is free to use them without prior permission of the author. You also understand the SDML nor it's authors are responsible for the consequences of any advise given on this list. Some modifications make void any warranty that you have and all will be undertaken with due care. The person doing the modifications is solely responsible for any problems that may arise. If you have any issues with this, please contact the SDML Administrator at list-admin at

RULE #1: No flaming.

The SDML defines flaming as an e-mail intended to insult another list member. Calling another member names is a good way to call attention to your message as a flame. The SDML does not discourage arguing your opinion. Just leave out the name calling.

Racial slurs are considered flames and will receive the same discipline.

First violation: 10 days suspension.
Second violation: 30 days suspension.
Third violation: Indefinite removal from the list.

RULE #2: Anyone posting anti-Shelby Dodge messages will be banned.

This is a mailing list for Shelby Dodge enthusiasts. If you post a message to the list that clearly shows that you are not also a Shelby Dodge enthusiast, you will be unsubscribed and banned from the mailing list. The SDML will not host discussions on why you think Brand-X cars are better than Shelby Dodges or allow flaming of Shelby Dodge enthusiasts in general, you will just be removed. If you are removed over a misunderstanding, you will be given the opportunity to explain why you want to stay on the SDML.

First violation: Indefinite removal from the list.

RULE #3: Do not forward a private e-mail to the entire list.

There is nothing wrong with forwarding an e-mail to the mailing list if you believe that it will be informative to others. This rule is in place to discourage people from forwarding a private e-mail message from another list member to the entire mailing list in an attempt to discredit or draw public attention to it's author.

First violation: 10 days suspension.
Subsequent violations: 10 days suspension.

RULE #4: Do not send unsolicited junk mail to other members.

The SDML will not tolerate members who use the mailing list to collect e-mail addresses and then send them junk mail, chain letters, or any type of advertising.

First violation: 30 days suspension.
Second violation: Indefinite removal from the list.

RULE #5: Keep messages to mailing list on topic.

No matter what kind of vehicles you own, everyone is welcome to join the SDML. But since we are a group focused on Shelby Dodges, we require that all posts be limited to our definition of Shelby Dodge. Failure to keep mailing list posts focused on Shelby Dodge vehicles will result in suspensions for the authors. If your FWD Mopar doesn't fit into our definition of a Shelby Dodge, there are many other good mailing lists for discussion your vehicle. Please see the FWD Mopar Mailing List Links page at

All mailing list messages main topic should be related to Shelby Dodges. The SDML defines Shelby Dodges as Dodge vehicles that were modified or inspired by Carroll Shelby. This includes any vehicle with the same 2.2 H.O. engine that was introduced in the 83 1/2 Shelby Charger, any vehicle with a 2.2 or 2.5 Chrysler Turbo engine, or any vehicle modified or built by Shelby Automobiles. NO V6 vehicles are included.

Specifically, this includes:

  1. L-Body cars: Shelby GLHS, Dodge Shelby Charger, Dodge Omni GLH, Dodge Omni GLH Turbo, and any 2.2 H.O. or 2.2 Turbo powered Charger, Omni, Rampage, Horizon, Turismo, Scamp, Duster, 024, or TC3.
  2. G-Body cars: Dodge Daytona Shelby, Dodge Daytona Shelby Z, Dodge Daytona Turbo Z, Dodge Daytona IROC R/T (and R/T only), and any 2.2 or 2.5 Turbo powered Daytona or Laser.
  3. P-Body cars: Shelby CSX, Shelby CSX-T, and any 2.2 or 2.5 Turbo powered Shadow or Sundance.
  4. H-Body cars: Shelby Lancer and any 2.2 Turbo powered LeBaron GTS or Lancer.
  5. AA-Body cars: Dodge Spirit R/T and any 2.2 or 2.5 Turbo powered Spirit or Acclaim.
  6. J-Body cars: Any 2.2 or 2.5 Turbo powered Chrysler LeBaron coupe or convertible.
  7. Shelby Dakota trucks.
  8. Shelby Can-Am race cars.
  9. Any other vehicle that has the same 2.2 H.O. engine that was introduced in the 83 1/2 Shelby Charger or any 2.2 or 2.5 Chrysler Turbo engine. This even includes non-Mopar bodies with one of these engines.

Any message to the mailing list that does not include as the central topic a Shelby Dodge as defined above will be considered off topic and the author will be suspended.

Other examples of off-topic messages include:

  • Posting For Sale or Wanted messages not associated with Shelby Dodges.
  • Sending test messages.
  • Posting jokes that have not been approved by someone in the Admin Group.
  • E-mails with nothing more than asking for information on contacting another SDML member. If you need to contact someone whose e-mail address you have, please contact the SDML Administrator.
  • Virus warnings or any other type of warning not specifically meant for owners of Shelby Dodges.
  • Advertising businesses that do not cater to Shelby Dodge cars.
  • Soliciting donations for any non-SDML related activity.
  • Asking --ANY-- question not related to Shelby Dodges.
  • Replying to off-topic messages is considered off-topic and will be treated in the same manner as the original post.
  • Attempting to administer the list. Do not send a message telling everyone to stop posting about a particular topic. The list owner and Admin Group will take care of this.

If want to post something to the SDML that you think will be of interest to the group, but is not clearly related to Shelby Dodges, you are encouraged to have the message approved. By having the message approved, you can be sure that a questionable e-mail will not result in a suspension. Please see Having Questionable Messages Pre-Approved for more information.

Each violation: 10 days suspension
Excessive violations: Indefinite removal from the list.

RULE #6: Do not send private replies to the mailing list.

This mailing list is not a chat room. When you are replying to a post, very carefully consider if your message should go to list or the author. If you are in doubt, send it to the author. Unless you feel that your personal response to someone will be of GREAT interest to the rest of the group, send it to the author. I recommend that when replying post that you verify the recipient first. It is easy to get wrapped up in writing a reply and forget to change who it goes to before sending it.

First violation: Warning message.
Excessive violations: 5 days suspension.

RULE #7: Trim your replies.

When replying to a post, please trim the original message AS MUCH AS YOU CAN WITHOUT MAKING IT CONFUSING AS TO THE ORIGINAL TOPIC THAT YOU ARE REPLYING TO. If you are replying to a reply, please trim away text from the original reply (i.e. don't leave 3 or more layers of replies in your e-mail).

First violation: Warning message.
Excessive violations: 5 days suspension.

RULE #8: Watch your subject lines.

Subject lines are very important. Especially to some members who have to sort out 200+ messages at a time. Always carefully choose a subject that describes the message that you are posting. If you are replying to a message, do not change the subject (exception, putting a RE: in front of it). If your response has nothing to do with the original message, then change the subject and tag the old subject line on the end (example, Brake Upgrades (was: Choosing the correct tire)). If you are replying to a reply, make sure that you are not putting another reply tag on the message. This way we do not get a thread that turns into "RE: Re: RE: SDAC-12 -Reply -Reply." If you are posting a message that mentions you are selling something or looking for something, please make it a separate message. If you are selling something, the subject should begin with FOR SALE: or FS: with a description of what you are selling after. If the item you are selling is posted at an auction, the subject should begin with FOR AUCTION: or FA:. If you are posting a message looking for something then the subject should begin with WANTED: or WTB:.

First violation: Warning message.
Excessive violations: 5 days suspension.

RULE #9: Do not send messages to the list that amount to clutter.

Do not send a message unless what you writing contains a well thought out question related to Shelby Dodge or comments that will be of value to other readers. Don't reply to a message just to say "ditto", "me too", or to correct someone's spelling. Remember, every message you send to the list also goes to over 1,800 Shelby Dodge enthusiasts.

First violation: Warning message.
Excessive violations: 5 days suspension.

RULE #10: Do not post indecent messages to the mailing list.

Do not post messages that contain excessively foul language or lewd terminology. Anyone who posts a message that is deemed to exceed a rating of "PG" will be suspended. It is our goal to maintain a family safe atmosphere.

First violation: 10 days suspension.
Subsequent violations: 10 days suspension.

To see the collection of prior postings to the list, visit the ShelbyDodge Archives.

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